Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkeys: Fact or Myth?

FACT OR MYTH? Turkey Makes you Sleepy?

MYTH: It’s most likely the combination of overeating, probably alcohol consumption and general holiday stress that makes you drowsy on turkey day. There is no evidence to suggest the amino acid previously to blame for your food coma actually makes you tired. There are actually higher levels of the AA in Chicken!

FACT OR MYTH? The original Thanksgiving didn’t include Turkey?

FACT: While there are no official records or documentations, experts believe that Venison and Fowl were the main dishes at the first Thanksgiving feast.

FACT OR MYTH? Turkey Day has always been in November?

MYTH: The original Thanksgiving is believed to have been sometime in September or October.

FACT OR MYTH? You’ll get food poisoning by stuffing the turkey?

MOSTLY MYTH: While it is possible if you don’t properly cook them, it is highly unlikely if you do it right. The stuffing should be 165 degrees when done (and the thigh 180 degrees)

FACT OR MYTH? Basting a turkey keeps it moist!

MYTH: The basting liquid, for the most part, can’t even penetrate the turkeys skin. Basting actually does more harm than good as you lose cooking heat every time you open the oven door. It does make for a nice color and flavor to the skin though. Want a super moist turkey? Brine it overnight first!

FACT OR MYTH? You should wash your turkey before cooking.

MYTH: Experts are now saying this (same for chicken) does more harm than good. When washing the turkey you likely splash water around, spreading any possible bacteria around your kitchen (and really don’t wash off the bird anyway). If you cook the turkey properly, you have a very little chance of bacteria on the bird.


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